Document Filings and Certified Retrievals

In respect of corporations, subject to it's loss or misplacement by the Registry itself, we can access any document ever registered in British Columbia or across Canada.

Lien Searches and Filings We can access the search and filing system for Personal Property liens and encumbrances which is similar to the Uniform Commercial Code filing system. same for search purposes within an hour and make any necessary registrations, usually same day in most circumstances, in British Columbia or across Canada.

Corporate Status Searches Corporate Status as to existence can be confirmed by search profile, however a Certificate of Good Standing is required to confirm same. This certificate can be issued either in electronic or paper form, the latter taking one to two days normally. If a corporation is not up to date in filings, and therefore not in good standing, a Certificate of Status confirming its continued existence is also available on paper.

Up-to-Date We stay up-to-date on changing registry requirements and keep you advised as needed, should it be Corporate, Land Title, Manufactured Homes, Motor Vehicles, Personal Property or Other Registries.

Letter under Seal is available for non corporate entities such as Partnerships and Limited Partnerships.

Other Jurisdictions We have ongoing relationships with Agents and can perform similar tasks throughout Canada, the United States and around the world.

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