Registered Agent/Attorney for Service

We assist you each step of the way iin qualifying your foreign Corporation, LLC or Partnership into British Columbia and everywhere across Canada and the Territories...

The Attorney for Service office is the place where the corporate registry sends correspondence to the Corporation. Every Extra-provincial Corporation requires an Attorney for Service. The address must be a physical location in the province (postal boxes are not acceptable).

We may be appointed as your Attorney for Service (AFS) for your B.C. Extra Provincial Registration (Qualification); British Columbia Insurance Commission Filing or Trademark applications. We have similar Agents located across Canada that we may recommend to be your AFS in those Provinces & Territories.

If your Corporation fails to file its B.C. Annual Reports for two years, the Corporation will be struck from the Registry of Companies. It will cease to exist. If that occurs all assets and holdings held by the Corporation at the time will escheat to the Province. As your Attorney for Service, we will forward annual report reminders to you each year to assist the Corporation to stay in Good Standing in British Columbia.

It is important to note that if a Corporation is ever sued, the Corporation is served with the court action documents by having the court documents delivered to the Registered Office and Attorney for Service. If the Corporation does not file an appearance within 7 days of service (14 days for Small Claims court actions) the person who commenced the court action can obtain default judgement.

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